Rabu, 27 April 2016

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As many of you already know, I teach few courses in Digital Marketing and Analytics at various universities and colleges including University of Washington and Bellevue College in Seattle area.
Last year I was asked if I can design a course on Data Visualization using Tableau. Since we were actively using Tableau at work I decided to do it.  I have taken that same course, that I taught, and developed an eBook. The audience of this eBook is beginners who want to learn the basic of Tableau and get familiar with various interfaces and terms used in Tableau.  If you are someone who wants to learn Tableau or have looked at Tableau but don’t fully understand it, then this eBook is for you.
I am giving away few copies of the eBook in return for the feedback.  If you are willing to provide me the feedback on this book within a week, then email me at batraonline at gmail.com or tweet me at @anilbatra and I will send you a copy of it.
Want to learn Tableau but don’t have to provide me the feedback on eBook, here are few Tableau Books on Amazon

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