Social Media Is Changing How We Eat And Drink

We love food, we adore a drink and, nowadays, we adore social media. There’s little question that technology is altering the method we cross about our daily lives.  At the start of the year, the studies discovered that 83% of the UK’s grownup population are lively on social media. While we're utilizing this platform to reside in touch with every other, we're also posting snaps of our days in a solution to ‘boast’ about our activities, regardless of even if it truly is relating to our newest adventure or most contemporary possibility of food.

Here, with plastic glasses suppliers, we speak how social media is certainly altering our consuming and consuming habits.

Meal portions
A examine has proven that exceptionally lively social media customers are really consuming smaller portions. This is as a result of the truth they aren’t keen to edge with sufficient time to devour a big meal. Whether it truly is the case or not, it’s concerning to assume that folks are setting their social media addiction forward of gaining the meals needed.

Food envy

With cameras typically snapping meals throughout the world, it’s a phenomenon we merely can’t avoid. Stats discovered that in America, half of the population take photographs in their food, with meals they’ve cooked being probably probably the foremost photographed meal. As nicely as this, over one in five US citizens share footage of the meals they’ve acquired at a social gathering or wedding.

Often, this could supply us (the viewer) with a experience of meals envy. We relish a nice factor while we see it, and often, resulting from social media, we're able to get cravings for sure meals and drink. After all, these days it’s considered as an art form, with dinners being namely laid out to wow the recipient.

Choice of food

Believe it or not, with so many meals choices, social media is really aiding us consume healthier. While we hold sharing footage of our delicious dishes, we're also sharing recipes, education, suggestions and a complete lot more.

Kathy Smart, CEO of Live the Smart Way says: “You are extra apt to attempt a recipe or a brand new meals while you notice a photo of it and have a pal or adult you belief suggest making an attempt it or simple methods to make use of it.”

The key actuality is that much of recipes being shared are fast and simple to make, that's appealing to the majority. Putting an photo along them is soon grabbing our attention as wholesome meals are typically probably probably the foremost photogenic resulting from their shiny colours.


With the advances in technology, being a social media influencer is now classified as a process for some. This position permits the consumer to identify credibility and convince a huge viewers to buy goods. Some influencers, adding Shisodelicious, have an anticipated price of over £20,000. 

To be a social media influencer, you ought to share your life transparently so as for firms to recognize your ‘importance’.

With extra people utilizing social media daily, it’ll be thrilling to see how our destiny diets are affected simply by way of the fact of technology. 

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